The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a natural healing technique that combines aromatic essential oils and carrier oils to relax the body as well as promote wellness. The benefits of aromatherapy include the capacity to increase mood and promote physical and mental calm. Also, it is a great means to reestablish body balance. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy massage. Here are a few of the most sought-after aromatherapy oils as well as their beneficial benefits. The natural treatments are safe and safe to use on either yourself or family members.

Essential oils

The benefits are many with aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy massage can be used as a complement to other healing techniques. Rose and lavender oils can, for instance, aid in sleep. For those suffering from depression or anxiety, you may benefit from the balancing qualities of cedarwood and rosemary. Essential oils are a wonderful way to relax and enhance your mental well-being. You can use these oils to create a custom mix for an aromatherapy massage.

When applying essential oils on your skin, it's ideal to dilute the oils with carriers oils. Grape seed oil and sweet almond oil are both neutral smelling oils. When using essential oils in massaging, reduce them with 20 drops. To prevent them from leaving behind strong scent it's important to ensure to dilute essential oils in the least amount possible. This mix is perfect to use in aromatherapy massage sessions that are just starting.

Carrier oil

Essential oils found in the form of carrier oils are called base oils. It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration does not have the authority to regulate them, which means they're not considered food. Carrier oils on the contrary, are popular in aromatherapy massages and generally serve as a base. The table below outlines the beneficial effects of various carrier oils. In each oil, a masseuse will select a specific percentage for use in a massage.

Aromatherapy massage books do not contain vegetable-based carrier oils. 광주출장마사지 They have a high nutrients and are able to be processed using different methods. The book contains monographs on sixty carriers oils, and explains the characteristics and the results of the carrier oils. The author includes an overview of the chemical properties of essential oils, and introduces some of the less-known kinds. The paperback edition of this book contains 325 pages. Essential oils be benefited from the use of a carrier oil.

Influences on mood

There has been a lot of research conducted on the benefits of aromatherapy massage on the human body and it seems that there is little doubt that it has a beneficial effects on general mood. In order to enhance the therapeutic effects massage therapists could include essential oils in the massage. The mood-boosting qualities that citrus oils have are widely recognized. Aromas of lemon and orange can boost the enjoyment. The essential oils are demonstrated to relieve physical aches and pains, enhance the immune system and boost levels of serotonin.

A study showed the benefits of aromatherapy massage on anxiety and depression in a study of eight participants. Over the course of six weeks, subjects were given a standardised massage twice a week. Following that, they were evaluated on different scales, including the Hospital Depression and Anxiety Scales (HAD Scale), and visual analog scores (VAS). Following the massages, both the HAD Scale and the VAS scores were significantly better as the authors of the study reported that the subjects' overall quality of life was improved.


There are a variety of factors that can prevent you from receiving an aromatherapy massage. These factors are divided into three categories including pregnancy, specific illnesses and medicines, and a recent history of breast or cervical cancer. A confidential, free consult will be scheduled prior to the massage session to be sure your health isn't harmed. If you have concerns, please contact your professional and talk about the benefits and potential risks associated with aromatherapy massage.

Massage oils for aromatherapy are natural however, the concentration of oil is higher than that of the plant oil. It is essential to apply essential oils in a manner that is safe. An examination of the skin should be done before applying any oil that is new. Essential oils can produce irritations of the mucus membranes or toxic effects, therefore it is not advised to be used for women who are expecting or have a history of allergies.

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